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“Christmas like no other !”

408503_466640510051894_1511555378_nThis December I found myself saying, ” Dearest God  please  give us a Christmas like none other ( not imagining our dear friend Johnston Richard was onto an Album with the same  title , and asked if our visually challenged son Johann Noel would sing and do a small narration for him).

For those who know my family personally, much as we adore our kids and would promote them to the stars, there are often limitations..esp with 2013-03-24 10.20.36

Johann who has never really sung with studio headphones on, leave alone narrate  ‘cold cold snow’ not anything we have experienced. I now understand ‘snow’ is for the cold of the human heart…

Johnston Richard you raised the bar on this mother’s faith, on a  challenged kids’ sometimes lonely existence. Christmas is not exactly a festive season for everyone – for those who are disabled physically, emotionally, financially, socially,oh so many ways…

not everyone gets Christmas trees laden with gifts, banquets and new wardrobe, or Love…

1466022_1387241388187524_205367003_nnot every one is given a chance to be who they are. God reminded me/ us at the Noel home, He did create some really good people on earth, making for Peace, Joy, acceptance, of each other, and the Room for another to also shine.. ( rare ! )..

Listen to ” Cold Bethlehem” and our home visual -mix on U tube 🙂 of the song, also below, a brief from Johnston Richards

Talking about his new album and the Title :

JR  : People around the world give gifts to their loved ones and share the joy of family reunions. For many people, it is a season of give and take. However, the true essence of Christmas is the joy that comes from knowing the truth that you are loved unconditionally by God. No matter how others treat you or how you look at y0xourself. This love shatters all logic and liberates you from self-condemnation and leads you to self acceptance. Through the unseen power of the unconditional love that moves the universe, you are propelled to love ‘yourself’ and then other people unconditionally and give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Christmas like no other is the moment of history when time stands still and you experience selflessness and accept the intense and unconditional love of the creator of the universe who loved the world and gave his perfect gift of love to an imperfect world.

If you could make a wish for the world today – 

 JR    While Christmas is a time of joy and is celebrated around the world, to several people around the world it is a time of loneliness, financial hopelessness and emotional brokenness. But celebration and life doesn’t consist in the abundance of things or plethora of friends. Christmas is a message of hope. A message to the lonely : the Unseen power and love that moves the universe came down to earth in human form on Christmas day to save those who were ‘lost’. Without hope, without a future. Christmas is a time to go back to the basics and accept that love and feel the completeness. Love knocks on your door this Christmas and my wish for the world is that the people open the door and let the creator, who is love personified, fill their hearts with the completeness and euphoria of that blissful unspeakable joy.


Johann with Daddy Noel at the Studio

 What’s the toughest challenge being  ‘Johnston Richard’?

JR            Writing and composing songs is a gift that God breathed into me. I am strongly compelled that the songs that I receive from the throne should not be kept under a bushel. As any trustworthy steward, as the guardian and scribe of the songs, I am strongly inclined to get my music out in the open and put it on a lamp stand. My mission is to play in what I call H.O.P.E, which stands for Hospitals, Orphanages, Prisons and Educational Institutions. The toughest challenge I am faced with is acceptance. The industry has changed and it is tough to survive, let alone thrive, as a Gospel solo artist. Somehow, I believe that bands gain favourable responses as compared to solo artists. When you are soft-spoken and humble, the world takes meekness for weakness and tried to ride on your back. People tend to judge a book by its cover. You can be judged by the colour of your skin, your nationality, and stature. And there’s another thing. It’s a catch 22 situation -You cannot become recognized if you don’t have enough people buying or supporting your music; and on the other hand, people don’t want to buy your music if you are not well known. So far, I have been funding my music from my own pocket. It’s a challenge to do  huge promotional shows on a shoe string budget especially when you have a family who depends on you. I personally know what sacrifice means. Through it all it has taught me respect for others in similar endeavours and has built in me strong values, character and  gratitude. I praise God for His faithfulness, and thank my wife and daughter, and my dear friends for their incredible support. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my story in here  God Bless what you do…

Richie Johnny This is the Best Christmas Gift I have ever received. Thank you so much. I am so moved that God could use someone like me to make something that turned out so beautiful this Christmas and for all other Christmases to come. I was 16 when I wrote and first recorded this song on a tape recorder;) God had his child Johann in mind and I am so overwhelmed with emotions for the love and support extended to me and my family. A special hug to Johann. Merry Christmas and a blessed Newyear. The best is yet to come.

Johnston Richard lives in Bangalore ; besides his 9-5 job as a Professional Writer, he is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, author, producer and a guitar teacher. He has written and composed over hundreds of songs and has released two studio albums.Johnston partners with Besso Orphanage for destitute children. WWW.JOHNSTONRICHARD.COM. His second album, which is a Christmas Album, was released on December 7, 2013





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Heavens !


How little the dark is, next to Light.





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Un unutterable Peace ; speechless words : like buds and drops : like tears, or re-cycled

petals. Growing glowing, visible best in the dark. In the Dark.



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Choose Life

( excerpt from Conversations in the TrickRoom as Vi calls our bedroom-  ‘ cuz it makes you not leave :)) she says!)

Last night we watched Life of Pi  : such mixed feelings start to finish. Some one said this was the movie Nirbhaya and her friend watched before the tragedy at the delhi bus dec2013.

The movie has its great moments, stunning play with surreal – realities, words, images… there were some amazing lines too, among places that were fantastic imagery. The island and human tooth of dead man; beautiful dancer Anandi at the place over the sea, Pi’s journey thru’ the storm and other self.  It disappoints though, that it ends with Illusion. How I wish Life were actually like that, and we could all choose prettier endings,among our gods and chosen goddesses.

My daughter Vi ( 19 years old) and I talked into the night, of how we would choose even wings. I mean ones that worked. She asked if I would worry that she went flying everywhere. I said I’d only worry about safety and bigger birds flying around.

The electricity went and returned only at dawn. It rained, rained. We talked about the Dark, and how it could conjure images, depending on what we were thinking. So, you know, we saw all kinds of things, from gleamy eyed monsters to angelic teenagers and moms flying around…


JOIE. Oil and Acrylic RN

our bedroom door was ajar, and she looked thru at this one I’ve uploaded here(Painting JOIE) and told me what she saw. It looked different in the dark. There were so many things to see, ‘ what is reflected in your own mind’…

But dawn arrived and with it Light. Hues returned to normal, original, and there’s no playing around with that, wish what one may.

Like Life ; in the Light. Deep within the heart, the truth is in the things we hide. A less- than-one year old knows what guilt is, Granma used to say. Funnily, I heard a new friend say that. She is a die- hard atheist and condemns my sense of God much more violently :))) than I ever discuss her ideas. ” Janie, ” I say, ” for me it’s like having just this one Love in my life. Its not illusional, delusional, my marriage. It is real and faces Life, in the Jaw or wherever, but it is real as the ring on my finger and my postal address.”

” Pah ” Janie replies, sickened at my poetry about God , which she says would actually be marketable if they were basic love poems. ” Why can’t you just write love poems ?” She asks.

” These are love poems,” I reply each time.

” Religious poetry,” She says.

” I don’t have religion.” I say.

This can go on, but for me, I had no choice. The Love of God hounded and found me. Looking at the Life of Pi, at our Nirbhayas and political seasons, our price of living, and fading values, yeahhhh wish we had wings, and all those delusional things, but nah.

The wings we wear are deep inside. JOIE, ” Joy” is not just hormonal – and it impacts Life spans. Impacts decisions. Faith affects Violence. It makes us better or worse leaders/ neighbours/ citizens. Love causes beauty in ashes, can lift, erase, empower more than we give credibility to.

Choices ? Sure. Between Death and Life, choose Life.

( In the book ‘Conversations with God‘ ( I forget the authors name), he states that Right and wrong is Illusional, to the point that Hitler was experiencing a certain set of options,the doing, the actualization of it, was an orbit of Self – Realization, redeemed in layers of ways, following which ofcourse, could annul current Judiciary, why bother. Every rapist, terrorist, erring politician is factually a darling – in – the – making, why react ? Why write/post anything;  everybody just drift in a dead sea of Numb-gaze at these mortal  delusions ;

hey I still choose LIFE, all caps : Will ;  Self Control in driving lanes & Rapists’ lounges ;crime parlours and courts of law. Please Note Movie Makers : EVERYTHING YOU SAY, IS WHAT IS BEING INTERPRETED UNIQUELY BY THE IMPRESSIONABLE MIND, JUSTIFYING HIS/HER ACTIONS OF ‘FREEDOM’ ).


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Two Universes


and diamonds turned,

from dust


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Stunning pictures

Images are forever


do not let pornography spoil it


( and these yukky ads too !)



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Who are you

The Tea shop man has eyes like stars. Its with the Tea leaves ? What. What does he have that Cafe Coffee does not have, or Taj Biriyani, or Krispy Kreme …

Tea Time

(Photo credit: Maia C)

his steel and glass ware shine in rows on well polished wood counter with a smile I haven’t seen in such a while at a shop of his kind. It is in the street corner from where I live, under a massive banian tree, some wooden benches, and cars, bikes – college kids from that Law College opposite. My head tells me Tea shop wallah is just that happy on his sales of cigarettes or heaven knows what else. A girl slouches past me, headphones and eyes on her seat, by the shop, crowded, spilling.


The man’s smile is for all, even for me – he is near 60 – 70 ? Wrinkles in every bit of his head, and every one of them smiling. At some secret knowledge ? Of his own self ? His own worth?


Dear Lord, whatever is that smile in such a little old face, no wealth, just his tea leaf shop, some biscuits  in a jar, a stove and kettle, aroma of a life he lives ….


Turkish Tea

Tea (Photo credit: dimi)




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Everyday you write a new line

Everyday You write a new Line of Love
into these places called my life
I am amazed by

VALLEY OF SONGS 24″x 36″ > oil, acrylic, RN, of my TRIBES series, in progress, yes some Oils take a while to finish, for me. Unsure why. Maybe the drying process between layers of my life.



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Do you know your Voice ?


this little Voice inside, shouted, ” shhhhh” 

I wanted to scream,

this little Voice cried, ” Be Still”

I needed to cry,

this little Voice asked, “Peace”

I fought the hug,

this little Voice whispered, ” It is I,”


( obedience is the toughest thing when all I need to do is fight )




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I see You

I see You

With eyes of Faith,

thru’ streams of tears in desert we have walked together

miles and miles of land and sea, only You could have led me

only You. Who else could have held on, watched this long , re-created

made all things new

only You my God, only You.


pic courtesy Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place


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