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Walk with me ?

After the rains, came the little creatures – krizillion wings and colour – blends that vary with the light. Photography and words are one dimensional stills of the real thing.

How much more is there to see differently – will one life time do ? If we walked together in the trees, would we see differently, thru’ each others’ lives ?

Would it  re- arrange the way we buy our furniture and cut our trees ? Re- write our constituents, re – define our needs…

I think we should walk more often, together, among our histories.




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Ludwig on Claire’s Crochet

Ludwig on Claire's lovely Crochet June 2011

Dear Ludwig,

look at you, I mean look at you –

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin -uh Ludwig

and what a name,

what melodies and musical tantrum am thinking of just looking

at your name, and you all pretty in crochet, do you realise

how many layers of human print you rest on ? Every little tangle of thread

dated, kissed with needle and work that she put away,

one little moment at a time –

am blest just looking in on your life,

reflections of an Age of Unleashed Silence,

so much perfection, your species

to mine,

uh Ludwig.


( Thank you for this Pic Literary Lew and lovely Claire).



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What did you think you were

Sooraj B

here there is need,







inner monsters

brilliant chaos

My sister Susie


courage against all odd

peace in a storm

more storm

unjustified wrong

days of ” NEVER MIND”



Innersong.com Scott my awesome friend




breaking faith


Derk G. Wish I coul talk to you every dayyy

Fingers of God






Supriya what a beautiful girl you are !



open doors





dawn dusk

an appreciation of  Life.

… even self.


Esp Gratitude

for the Gift of Expression…

Dearest : everyone is an artist,

Abhrodeep M

what did you think you were..

a Stream in this desert,

of the River of Life..

That’s who you are,

 isn’t that nice ?

(if I’ve missed out on someone here, just say ; u’re there in my life, but say)

Vihann Noel Pictojournal 2012


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Strange little stubborn word

Ink-on-paper painting by Rabindranath Tagore (...

Image via Wikipedia

Postaday topic #210: What does love mean to you?.

Staring at his face, wrinkled against Time and his own defense against loving anyone too much,

yes I could not help staring at the absence of Love in my neighbours ancient crinkling  eyes.  He was content to exist.


Have you read Rabindranath Tagore‘s ” I won’t let you go?”

And am thinkn. How sad to never love, even if its such a volatile emotion. Even if we should miss one another, if the other dies. Even if the earth should fall away this noon, and one of us is missing.

“Dont love anyone too much,” my grandmother used to say. ” It will hurt when they leave..”

Grandma, you left, and I miss you with joy. I remember you with laughter.

Love is like that. The Truth of it : lingers, grows, takes the bitter with the other flavours. Never gives up, often gives in. Allows, holds, lets go, waits. Listens. Stays. Leaves. Forgets ill. Remembers the  best.

Its what remains.



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Little things ?

War damage to apartments during the same period

Image via Wikipedia

Nothing better than peace. Except the laughter of older happy people. Fulfilled Lives. Grandparents and little children. No sound of war. Just the quiet night here. Falling rain and the normal business of excitement of the morrow.

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August 24, 2011 · 2:44 pm

20 Best Trips of 2011 — National Geographic

 hey Lanz / tx …. wow.

                                                                                                                                                  20 Best Trips of 2011 — National Geographic.


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The very thing you lost…

Manifestacija Dani Ad Turresa u Crikvenici

Image via Wikipedia

to read /  at The Artist in You  :” The very thing you lost..could bring you gain….

Have you ever done a CBBD (confirmed bad-biz-deal)? OK, if you are anything like me you have, at least once.

Shan’t go into details but this painting and two others (a series of three), created for a ‘friend’, were my first real water colour offerings to the world of ‘commissions’…

“Mindfields” went to their new owner, wrapped in butter paper and much love; they taught me to value the work of my hands. Never, never take for granted ..

So….here I am, taking inventory. There’s this growing grin inside. Wordless, nameless, images form; streams in the valley, a way in the wilderness…gaining through losing, cliches, everyone of them…piecing together what no loss can defy.

Dear sweet heavens. The very thing you lost could heave in returns? Awareness; Faith; Restoration; the knowledge of an unsinkable power within to create…?

The Price Tag : C O N S I S T E N C Y .

© Rayla Noel


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