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The Age of Rude ?

She stared through my face as if she never saw me –  stunned, I waited. Maybe there was a mistake. Maybe I was expecting too much, but the woman wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t acknowledge my presence. It was as if I did not exist.

The next day we met again, this time in an auditorium. She talked to everyone else, but not even a nodding good-morning hint at me, as if I weren’t there.  These were new family friends, not even distant relatives, no histories exchanged. No I hadn’t stolen her best dress at school, no I wasn’t an artist rival, nothing. She was a mom like me, a citizen of this same earth, but she wouldn’t look at me.

Its possible she was just tired, or thought I had nothing of use to say to her, or be. Is possible she was having a bad day, is possible she was ill, is possible she didn’t like my face, or hairstyle, or work.

But the question followed me all day and night, it stood there between my mirror and me the next morning, it sat in my toothpaste and hair brush, my shoes and sandwich.


This morning, I looked at images from around the world images of waiting….




What made something as beautiful as a human heart, such a refugee






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Vihan Damaris


                                              The Visually Challenging

Johann my brother, is one of the happiest people I have ever known. He jumps, plays, and is generally as naughty you can expect a boy to be. But to see your face, he has to touch it. To watch the sunset, he has to stay perfectly still while the warmth of dusk descends into the cool calm of twilight. I have to remind myself that he’s blind, since he is the most aware person of our family.

With incredible memory and thinking abilities, this little lad can be safely termed as a genius. He remembers music heard years earlier. He can recollect the dates he ate his favorite meal, and the names of relatives and their wives and subsequent children. He has a mathematical mind, mapping out rooms and in minutes- zooming through the same. If he does get hurt, it’s the clumsiness someone…

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