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7 billion Friends



This is for the one that met me last evening: she  may never read this:

I met a beautiful little girl with so much to give, but was afraid of human beings. What kind of fear is that ? When we are afraid of human beings?

 All I wanted for her was to have at least a good friend. How I wish that for you little one – that you would find a friend.  I’ll call her Myra.

She stared at me and returned to her window that looked into a high blank wall. That wall is her friend. The only one she trusts.

Yes, we can write all our words and do all our good works, but alone-ness is a thing we fight most, and am sitting here speechless today, trying to quiet my chaos, with reading other people’s poetry. Other languages. Anything to hide my  own blank walls. These areas where we know so so so little about the 7 billion of us. sharing the same air and water and oxygen and voting rights and goats and airplanes and nice cricket. And pavilions and parenting books and needs. Yes its tough being a parent in this decade of madness. And maybe it tougher being a kid.


The post below belongs to Kelly Belmonte, Chief Muse of Allninemuses a program designer, Wife, mother, blogger, published poet, and puttering gardener, she has set down roots in her “discovered country” of New England after emigrating from upstate New York over half a lifetime ago. The “nine” of All Nine is a reference to the nine sister muses of Greek mythology. These inspirational sisters represent multiple domains of creativity and intelligence, from epic poetry to science. For any vision to move from the inside of one person’s eyelids to the physical world where it can make a positive impact, it takes a collaborative effort across multiple disciplines and an openness to many sources of inspiration. 

I love your work Kelly Belmonte. I love the languages within you : inner dialects that know the human heart. Irrespective of where we are born, color, creed, this one thing we share, the need to never be alone. Eastern and Western poets, Mid east and inter-continental…

Listen, You Who Are Alone

We need, at times, to seek out friends.

Friend, one cannot either be born, or come to one’s end,
if not with another. It is good
that friendship strips
the gloom of guilt from work,
that it makes gladness not stolen,
but free.

How can you be all alone when,
at the fullness of time, all things speak at length with you,
and then the morn-star rises?

Here is the Spanish original:

Es necesario, a veces, encontrar compañía.

Amigo, no es posible ni nacer ni morir
sino con otro. Es bueno
que la amistad le quite
al trabajo esa cara de castigo
y a la alegría ese aire ilícito de robo.

¿Cómo podrás estar solo a la hora
completa, en que las cosas y tú hablan y hablan,
hasta el amanecer?
Lee todo en: Apelación al solitario – Poemas de Rosario Castellanoshttp://www.poemas-del-alma.com/rosario-castellanos-apelacion-al-solitario.htm#ixzz2RgyXau4k




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