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” Sometimes all we need to do is just Breathe..”

Breathe Deeply

Cindee Snider Re

Cindee Snider Lee

This Post is a Reblog from a good friend’s amazing Page & Web site, thank you Cindee Snider Re, for these power lines : Courtesy Musings of a soul stirred by God…

”  how-could-i-ever-doubt ..

But I do.

I doubted the year my brother died from a faulty beat of his heart, and after the accident when we realized my injuries would never heal, and when the surgeon gently said, “Its cancer.”

I doubted the year my son got sick and just didn’t get well.

And I believe, and I doubt, and I struggle to trust and let go of control.I’ve learned that trust is rooted in love. God’s love – everlasting love, love without fail in every circumstance of every moment of every day of our lives on this earth. Love without question or hesitation or reservation or limits.

For God doesn’t care where we are or how we’re dressed or who we’re with or what we’ve done. He simply opens His heart and says,“Come. Just as you are. No matter what….

( this above post courtesy : ttp://breathedeeply.org/2013/04/29/how-could-i-ever-doubt/

… is probably when we breathe deep, and brace right through the negatives. Be it a friend suddenly turned nasty, an ill-health, a turning season of the soul ; when we breathe deeply, we are revving, to walk right past this thing that can slap us down. It is walking on water, it is trapeezing the sky. Oh wow, trapeezing the sky…

thank you Cindee , making me write that, and post this.

Best wishes,




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