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My Precious …

My Precious Lord…

I fail to understand how You and I are one, at all : look at You, look at me, our differences span history, and yet here now, here like this after all this time I am still so startled by Your perfect Love…

What Child is this ? Sung by 

Andrea Angel Bocelli.jpgBocelli born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, and singer-songwriter.[1][2]Born with poor eyesight, he became blind at the age of twelve following a football accident.


Performed at the Olympics



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To fly with the Unknown

When we lose Root

and find Wing,

we are 



Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection

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On A Broken Wing



How do You do that.


Of all the things I cannot understand,

this one defeats me, that You 

fly me in,

on a broken wing,

to You.

Not just once, but

every time ; there’s always

You – within

Broken breaking Things.


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Faith that can move a mountain


faith that can make me see the impossible, 

that is faith. Else it is not faith

at all.


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Who are you

The Tea shop man has eyes like stars. Its with the Tea leaves ? What. What does he have that Cafe Coffee does not have, or Taj Biriyani, or Krispy Kreme …

Tea Time

(Photo credit: Maia C)

his steel and glass ware shine in rows on well polished wood counter with a smile I haven’t seen in such a while at a shop of his kind. It is in the street corner from where I live, under a massive banian tree, some wooden benches, and cars, bikes – college kids from that Law College opposite. My head tells me Tea shop wallah is just that happy on his sales of cigarettes or heaven knows what else. A girl slouches past me, headphones and eyes on her seat, by the shop, crowded, spilling.


The man’s smile is for all, even for me – he is near 60 – 70 ? Wrinkles in every bit of his head, and every one of them smiling. At some secret knowledge ? Of his own self ? His own worth?


Dear Lord, whatever is that smile in such a little old face, no wealth, just his tea leaf shop, some biscuits  in a jar, a stove and kettle, aroma of a life he lives ….


Turkish Tea

Tea (Photo credit: dimi)




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Kingdom of the Child

Go on, get out, play,

get the feet off ground, hold tight

let go, kiss the sky, feel the wind rise

play like a child, then start your day.

Some call it Prayers, He said

with such a twinkle in His eye. And I may have thought God

did not know me anymore,

but I don’t think so

not any more.

He knows I need to

pray like a child

( our little girl who teaches us to ride against odds)

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Do you know your Voice ?


this little Voice inside, shouted, ” shhhhh” 

I wanted to scream,

this little Voice cried, ” Be Still”

I needed to cry,

this little Voice asked, “Peace”

I fought the hug,

this little Voice whispered, ” It is I,”


( obedience is the toughest thing when all I need to do is fight )




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I see You

I see You

With eyes of Faith,

thru’ streams of tears in desert we have walked together

miles and miles of land and sea, only You could have led me

only You. Who else could have held on, watched this long , re-created

made all things new

only You my God, only You.


pic courtesy Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place


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Cosmetics for the Soul

What do I use for creases deep within –

mid lid trauma of the mind’s eye

I shop for Glitter and lay it on thick,

layer on layer, where the spirit and soul mesh

where the heart lingers

where the soul of me, loses her ashen face, for Hidden Treasure:

cosmetics that never

lose shine,

shoes that cannot wear out

and garments of deep beauty, body,soul, spirit, mind –

oh my soul,

what a find

what a find.


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I love the way you talk to me

… and am Speechless.

(Waited on by smiling eyes I cannot see268988_568599796494552_1608051479_n

yet, for am blinded to these things ..;



your voice reaches me,

from within –


how do you do that,

how on earth

do you do that…)

Shoulder RN mixed media

Shoulder RN mixed media



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