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My Precious …

My Precious Lord…

I fail to understand how You and I are one, at all : look at You, look at me, our differences span history, and yet here now, here like this after all this time I am still so startled by Your perfect Love…

What Child is this ? Sung by 

Andrea Angel Bocelli.jpgBocelli born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, and singer-songwriter.[1][2]Born with poor eyesight, he became blind at the age of twelve following a football accident.


Performed at the Olympics



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Look up

Skies like pages, turn

return me

to the Light

( Sky at Kuppam House)



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To fly with the Unknown

When we lose Root

and find Wing,

we are 



Beautiful & Amazing Photo Collection

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On A Broken Wing



How do You do that.


Of all the things I cannot understand,

this one defeats me, that You 

fly me in,

on a broken wing,

to You.

Not just once, but

every time ; there’s always

You – within

Broken breaking Things.


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Faith that can move a mountain


faith that can make me see the impossible, 

that is faith. Else it is not faith

at all.


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Who are you

The Tea shop man has eyes like stars. Its with the Tea leaves ? What. What does he have that Cafe Coffee does not have, or Taj Biriyani, or Krispy Kreme …

Tea Time

(Photo credit: Maia C)

his steel and glass ware shine in rows on well polished wood counter with a smile I haven’t seen in such a while at a shop of his kind. It is in the street corner from where I live, under a massive banian tree, some wooden benches, and cars, bikes – college kids from that Law College opposite. My head tells me Tea shop wallah is just that happy on his sales of cigarettes or heaven knows what else. A girl slouches past me, headphones and eyes on her seat, by the shop, crowded, spilling.


The man’s smile is for all, even for me – he is near 60 – 70 ? Wrinkles in every bit of his head, and every one of them smiling. At some secret knowledge ? Of his own self ? His own worth?


Dear Lord, whatever is that smile in such a little old face, no wealth, just his tea leaf shop, some biscuits  in a jar, a stove and kettle, aroma of a life he lives ….


Turkish Tea

Tea (Photo credit: dimi)




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Kingdom of the Child

Go on, get out, play,

get the feet off ground, hold tight

let go, kiss the sky, feel the wind rise

play like a child, then start your day.

Some call it Prayers, He said

with such a twinkle in His eye. And I may have thought God

did not know me anymore,

but I don’t think so

not any more.

He knows I need to

pray like a child

( our little girl who teaches us to ride against odds)

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Do you know your Voice ?


this little Voice inside, shouted, ” shhhhh” 

I wanted to scream,

this little Voice cried, ” Be Still”

I needed to cry,

this little Voice asked, “Peace”

I fought the hug,

this little Voice whispered, ” It is I,”


( obedience is the toughest thing when all I need to do is fight )




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I see You

I see You

With eyes of Faith,

thru’ streams of tears in desert we have walked together

miles and miles of land and sea, only You could have led me

only You. Who else could have held on, watched this long , re-created

made all things new

only You my God, only You.


pic courtesy Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place


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Why is ‘badness’ so easy to understand ?

Yes, good things are hard to believe, specially in each other / ourselves.


We accept vampires, ghosts, gore, terrorist plans in hiding, crafty routes of war, nukes, we accept bad traders and loss, crime and even punishment. Ah, punishments of the spirit. We engage in silent cold wars, and hate-clubs. But why is good so hard to accept ?

Atheism  & Its cousins are accepted. A belief in an invisible  Nothing. A zero – soul place, and I don’t know where we came off. Monkeys and vampires maybe. That is easy to accept. Why is goodness, kindness, gentleness, patience, perseverance, abstinence from things that break each other… why is that so hard to understand ?

Why is God objected to in the harshest of terms ? For me, it is the thing ( God and  His relatives) that keep me who I am, takes me to places I see with my mind’s eye and Reality. You see things too with your mind’s eye, why demolish mine ? Why curse my God. What scares you about freedom of this kind ?  

What you do not see, you will one day. What you do not hear, you will hear, soon. The Voice of Love. Hope. Peace. Courage. Are you afraid of Courage ? Yes, It will take you where eagles and angels fear or dare. What, no guts  ?

Are you afraid of Love – true Love  –945207_604247326260076_1430970234_n

will it humble us too much – to go one knee, the one that is broken and hurts so much …

And you  too..

are you afraid to Love again – dear sweet professing Lover of God ? Why do  we condemn another who is trying to find  Peace, in his/ her own way ? WHO are you to judge another ? The God who made you, loves your brother just as much as He loves you. You are sibling.

And you are supposed to be better!

Which makes it worse. 

Why is gratitude, or Worship, such hated words ? Why are tears ‘ weak’ , and ” Joy”  obsolete ?


If we see the Invisible-Good-God, we will never never never think we are better than each other.

If we see the invisible good – on – earth, we will understand that there is more to this than we can chew right now.

There are things animals sense, that we do not. Some of us do. There is ESP and there is Psychoanalysis. There are things we know instinctively without being told. Some of us read eyes and  fingers. Some of us know about body language and handwriting. Some see the future. Some walk in their sleep. Some of us are healed and it beats  ‘psychosomatic ‘!  You can laugh all you want, but even a dog gets better with a tender touch.

Yes there is the aspect of Touch. And heart. 

And the spirit of man, that you will see in hospital beds,death row,maternity wards,play grounds,board rooms,kitchens,waiting rooms,bars,gutters,Malls,Saloons,Movie theaters,Book Fests,Drama flood lights,Porn-stalls and war trenches. In homes for  ‘ handicapped’ people and the eyes of a betrayed human. That ache for something else. That naked need for more. The face of Loss, or greed, that lust for power or death. Or

the Face that can take our mess. Embrace it.

When you see courage and forgiveness, when you have been understood , when all you deserved was a slap, then you melt into the invisible reality of the human spirit. And Its’ derives, from a Source we are yet to tap…

If we cannot respect that, then just shut up my sweethearts, I love you for you, but just shut up see, don’t mess with what you don’t know.

Stop abusing Unseen things, like you do your dog or your cats.

Stop abusing yourself, ‘ cuz in the end that’s what we do, like awkward teens who say ‘ Whatever’. U say WT-G , and whoa, the teen language you abhor is milk-white sweetness…


We who have no knowledge of how long today will last, what  explosion or wave can hit  us in zero seconds – we who cannot increase our span by an inch , must know, no matter  what depressant you and  I may be subject to right now, there is a choice and a power that is ours, if we will take it.

To live a Life , complete and full of joy. Against all odds. We do not listen to negatives and depressing news alone. We have the right to remain silent and speak  to our bodies. ” Get up. Enough. Stand tall, yes. Even I. “


There is the world within our spirits, within the heart of man, where vices and virtue are known to babes. 

There is the unseen world. Whether we believe in it or not, does not give any the right to disregard each others’ journey. We were born alone, we will die alone.

When you die your spirit will rise. Don’t wait for that moment. We can rise now.  We are spirit and mind and body. Either that, or we’re a basket of bad eggs :)))))))))))))))



( This post was provoked by a person this morning who I believe meant to shut me up, ay, the human spirit rises with wings like an eagle, on every word you mailed me. Gratitude, my friend, I know you will rise too ).


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