Easy Tiger

Stairs welling off busy Highway shoppers,Easy Tiger, Koramangala inside is dark cool, Vihan Damaris the Singer centre stage in a pool of Light,

” Honey Ravines…” She says, the lyrics cling without asking, they follow my drink down throat into the innermost, hey, it’s just a song,13921183_594922604021723_238284169834018849_n

9 pm, the room fills. A young man from the next table moves closer, what’s he want?

He’s asking about Johann my son. Is he not blind, he asks, he signs.

The young man is deaf, he speaks to me with his cell phone.

15 minutes of that, we’re taking group selfies. He says he has a great job, the best parents, no he doesnot drive.

There’s a pretty young girl sitting across, we are getting acquainted( hey I take a while), but my cell phone friend here gestures to her, asking if she has seen leopards and cheetahs and tigers in Africa – all just going by the gorgeous crinkle in her hair and the ebony in her skin. For a breath, I’m terrified, but she laughs out loud. No, she is from here, Bangalore! Next thing, it’s another group selfie.13925001_594924734021510_3820117473522426701_n

Vihan ( Damaris) is into more originals for the next two hours as my plate gets pepperoni, Chikki chikki Bang bang, mocktail…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?Default, ColdFeet,Catch me, Love India http://bit.ly/1L7JtB8

The service in Easy Tiger is warm, I take off my sandals and let my soul sit, recline.

‘ honey in the ravines of my soul….’

This is rich in a way that defies surface words, I’d need you to visit the catacombs of my innermost, this is hard to believe in a decade of indifference like never before, here’s a hearth of good emos. Yeah don’t go underrating emotion. It’s as demanding as creativity. As taxing as deathly or life giving. Someone somewhere had a certain unforgivable sadness , anger, insane – indignity, which is why Auchwitz, or 9/11 or mishmashhmooo happened. Someone someplace experienced a certain alleviation which gave conception to ” Its a beautiful life”, the silly fantastique of Laurel Hardy, Bean, Kate& Leopold, Beethoven, lasagna, mango shakes, guava cuts peppered, oh the laughter of children..

Why did they name the place Easy Tiger? I never asked, but I know life is a merry chilly powder Politi stir fried with jungles. We are the jungle. We have turned into a craft called human, in the very weave and fibre of mankind, we have changed from milk nice, to snarl claw.

But these two hours before 11 pm shut down, I rent my ravines to honey.


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‘Destitute Dignity’

gWhen the whole Saint-ing story of Mama St.Theresa took front page, this news image of hers ( not my random sketches, but do scroll down to the news clip), caught my attention and never left….not  just the play of light and shadow, but the stillness. A certain tiredness, a beautiful fatigue captured here that keeps drawing me to this one.

The past few months I’ve been watching faces like never before. Haughty, satisfied,mean, cold, proud,self righteous,happy,vain,warm….

But I’m captivated by the tired ones, not the giving up tired, but Stubborn Tired.

Dogged tired.

Not bored fed up tired, but tough tired. Obstinate, in your face, it’s a Craft. A method. Never give up, watch me Tired.

Is why I love this photograph of Mother Theresa, and the photographer who didn’t ask her to pose, to try make something pretty, unruffle your nose Mother, look up, smile Ma….


This. Pic makes me reach in and want her Prayer Swag. That’s the two words I’ve been searching for. Ohkay Thinking Swag, if you don’t believe in prayer, Sitting in Jaw Swag, Chin in thought Shadows in Light, blue white on grainy paper…. It’s still a Study in Studies.

Thank you whoever took the Stilling capture ( Pl see past my uncombed sketches).




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Psalms in my headlines

If you tell me there’s a heaven, I might say you’re a dreamer.

If you sing me a psalm of eternal love, I ask you to get a Life.

Show me another pic of a dead child’s doll and I question 

The surveillance of God.

There will, though- be a time when, 

We must survive what we prescribe,

for each other. If there’s any news 

This is it,

We must survive what we serve

Each other


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The outrageous Life of Light

Beyond this veil 
of human perception,
there is more to hold on to

than we know?

What holds me, 

presses me on. I kick 

but It’s there like a Light

in the pupil of my eye, relentless it

makes me hold what holds on

and on and on and Uh




beyond the veil i see, there is more

beyond the veil i see there is more


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Stop war, k?

and I didn’t mean just Syrian girl hiding her dolls face, I meant people killing their daughters and fathers building hate like bonfires in each other’s eyes.

If we don’t, our children will not know a time there wasn’t, and war might become a norm. And ‘ Peace ‘ a time they never saw, 

Like maybe Radios, and nations without borders.


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Transit Lounge ~ Altars.

Not just people, not just going from here to there,

Checking in their checking outs,

Not just bags and baggage, not mere visas to each other’s destinations, but

Destiny’s infants, Citizens of an inner space we pay taxes to, without, or with our


Not just travellers, card holders, but Poets in the Transit Lounge, waiting, watching

Hopeful, dreaming, praying safe arrival, departures, 

Readers of global weather forecast, partakers of sunrise – sunsets, hop step jumping horizons

Ay, more and more, this Lounge is the largest praying place I have seen.

Go look at it.  Listen to it with respect. You’ve been there too. 


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World population Day

Woman, baby girl woman,
What’s in it for you I really wonder

Parwatisingari's Weblog

world population dayWorld population

The UN has dedicated July 11th as the day to create awareness and combat the population issue. The campaign of the World Population Day every year increases the knowledge and skills of the people worldwide towards their reproductive health and family planning.

The governing council of UN aims to pay attention towards the reproductive health problems of the community, as it is the leading cause of mortality in pregnant  women worldwide.  About 1.8 billion youngsters enter their reproductive years each year and it is necessary to call attention towards the primary part of the reproductive health.

Through this dedication, people are encouraged to take part in the event to know about population issues like importance of family towards the increasing gender equality, maternal and baby health, poverty, human rights, right to health, sexual education, use of contraceptives and safety measures like condoms, reproductive health, adolescent and pregnancy…

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If I don’t care

 If the sun sets on my rage

If the flower fades

Should the grass wither and 

Mountains shake, or earth falter


All things are lost

All faith and hope and trust and brother kill brother

If wars are waged within, and friend betray another,

If we lose all we had, all our mortal attempts at divine forgiveness

All our familiar paths of striving for peace,

Should envy hate and strife rule, and scorn rebuke and condemnation, oh

Brother, is I know, this I have seen, the love of God is greater

It is greater. 

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If I am, I will.

If I am guilty, I will make you feel guilt

If I am sinful, I will speak sin

If I am cursed, I will curse

If I am only abused I will know only abuse 

If I am lost how can I find you

If I am unhappy too long, how would I define happiness,

If I have only eaten hate, I may have acquired a taste for only hate

If I have only faced rejection, how would I decipher acceptance

If I have not had love how would I recognise it

If I have only been a hypocrite too long, chances are I can only understand hypocrites

If I have never forgiven, chances are I might be afraid to forgive

If I have only lived in a pond I might hate the river

If I have grown in an oasis, I will know it’s foliage

If I have birthed a desert, how might I change its sands

If I have eaten your tears, then I have tasted your salt

If I have not walked with you, how can I gauge your pace 

If I have faith to move mountains and hope enough to save every thing everywhere, but

have no love nor patience to wait for you, 

then I have lost all, and that’s the biggest loss there is.


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To the one true untouchable

Provoked by this suicide which shouldn’t have happened :


Consider the lilies of the field…
Watch why we love them:
They have no caste bar, no discrimination
They exhale co- existence, in our
“universities” of life, oh they even garland your
Festivals of…. What?

(And they have no Dalits, no touchy demons with birds and beasts, and flowers… Do they, these lilies?)

Oh You who worship the sun how dare you desecrate yourself by ostracising another human
Are you this insecure around your own honour?

Don’t we all know, even an ‘ honour killing ‘ will,
when we die, cause their last breath to garland us,like weeping skulls,yeah yeah even I
Am now accessory, just by co habiting a certain

No I am not one of you, you are the one true untouchable, you who conceive casteism
not long ago, but this very day.
And sati ( varieties of it)
in dowry – burnt brides,
little girl infanticides.
Aye! Christ would ask to love even you.

I cannot bear this poem
Maybe someday I will truly learn Christ’s
Maybe one day we will all know the truths we lie..

( following the suicide of a university student, owing to caste intolerance).





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