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My Peninsula today : 


I try not to look at the papers, the first one and half pages of the Times are Real Estate rearing skyscrapers- neighbor to ‘300 corporate offices’ & HDFC bankers swearing by Galaxy S9+, after which you finally get to the Times’ official Pg1Image result for photos of shiradi ghats

Nice weather, Bangalore 25 deg. C, cool shade, no thunder wails here- pic below is my home town (half a day’s journey from here) Mangalore Coastal ghats;

travel by rail Shiradi Ghats hosts some insane bridges. I am seriously stressed out by heights but the terrain is  beyond beautiful- old world mist and mountain before you roll into Coast. Was thinking on that and trying not to look at our Burari mass suicides, Delhi. Whyyy?

But look at this, TO KEEP KIDS IN SCHOOL TEACHER TURNS INTO DRIVER..ferrying 20 students, 4kms to school and back in his car across a forested stretch by a river, dangerous during the rains..” my hero for the day;


beats chatter of Medical/Engg college fees that dwarf real estate prices, how do they do it? There’s that/ and there’s the nice Pediatric Neurologist at our son’s regular checkup-

he would not charge us his consultation fee, never mind colleague Eye Doc shearing me up with her nice brown eyes,

“… are you qualified to teach your son?”

We’d never met before, I was groaning inside at the amount of work this was going to take. Our kid is blind, not deaf, don’t talk loudly at him… that kind of thing.

I said I’d been a teacher (didn’t tell her that meant assisting my mum through college hours, that I’d been street school play teacher- my forte : non-academic fun, staunch believer in the University of Play therapy, ‘course  I did not tell her, I’m not suicidal);

Eye Doc, (re- re – confirming our son Joh was / is technically blind, and since there isn’t adequate education for him), puts us on to a person ‘who could train Joh for a certain fee.’ I looked at her through slits in my soul and told her our son could stand not structure, hadn’t we tried Integrated Education, and near every school in the city;

my husband, a gentleman – led us out that valley of the shadow of Edu- care at its darkest;

Neuro Doc honorary Medical Superintendent, took my wildly trembling arms in his hands and whispered that he had good reports about us from Open Schooling Chief herself,

outside the Center there’s kids in wheelchair, kids with popcorn,  a mother feeding her very young child rice and pickle, they were smiling and tired; our 3 pm sun hidden by clouds, like now. Yeah its a Peninsula pickling with the times












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My Fantastic Stalker

woman covering her face with corn leaves

Bright scarlet buds in grass, why am I staring ?

I’ve lived in fields and wave, e’en  mountain by the sea, off a river delta, an island, a town in a valley, but today I’m standing still

flower bloom blossom red purple

Today is different; 

there are things to do, promises to keep, miles to go as I sweep through lists of chores, but I’m Stalked 

by tender new leaf & bud –

Stalked by  God’s brand-new batch of new mercies 

blade of grass blur bright close up

Yeah tho’ I go thru’ the next 24 hours of work, love, laughter, sweat, tears, fears, crowds, hope, nail biting hope, 

I fear no evil; 

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography

my Divine Stalker is with me, His messengers of Love –these darling scarlet Reminders reinforce the next words: you are not alone. Read that –

You are not alone.



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The Age of Rude ?

She stared through my face as if she never saw me –  stunned, I waited. Maybe there was a mistake. Maybe I was expecting too much, but the woman wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t acknowledge my presence. It was as if I did not exist.

The next day we met again, this time in an auditorium. She talked to everyone else, but not even a nodding good-morning hint at me, as if I weren’t there.  These were new family friends, not even distant relatives, no histories exchanged. No I hadn’t stolen her best dress at school, no I wasn’t an artist rival, nothing. She was a mom like me, a citizen of this same earth, but she wouldn’t look at me.

Its possible she was just tired, or thought I had nothing of use to say to her, or be. Is possible she was having a bad day, is possible she was ill, is possible she didn’t like my face, or hairstyle, or work.

But the question followed me all day and night, it stood there between my mirror and me the next morning, it sat in my toothpaste and hair brush, my shoes and sandwich.


This morning, I looked at images from around the world images of waiting….




What made something as beautiful as a human heart, such a refugee






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My burden is Light

What ? I asked the one with the flowers,

and acres of naked skin,

” How can your burden be Light ?”


To the trees stooped with night, I asked it again, but

they were too busy to reply…


I went to the flowers in the fields, and they said it to me, again,

” My burden is Light, ” ;  they were pregnant with blossom, with drippy leaf and waiting showers,

confused I turned away

Gul Mohar

and met a sky full of the sun, so full, it dawned on me, finally

Silence of the  Sun.  RN ( India, Bangalore)

Yes, Light. Light. A burden, as in a ‘ carrying’, a torch borne, a Vision of Beauty, held.

I still cannot embrace it all.

How could I,

but today I read these Words that spoke back at me,

My Burden is LIGHT…

spilling off rooftops and sky, lanes and silhouettes, smashing shadows

shedding darkness like filthy rags,

oh brilliant burden, be mine, be mine!

Huts on Beach Hill. Oil, Acrylic  RN

Huts on Beach Hill. Oil, Acrylic RN


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Get out of that box, He said

I used to think the world was a very large place…..

then I begin to meet the rest of me.

I never knew how much there was to this thing

called us.

Did you know ?

” See yourself,” He said,

” It will pull heaven

 into any hell..”

( From Naked Prayers )

Science Panorama


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Kingdom of the Child

Go on, get out, play,

get the feet off ground, hold tight

let go, kiss the sky, feel the wind rise

play like a child, then start your day.

Some call it Prayers, He said

with such a twinkle in His eye. And I may have thought God

did not know me anymore,

but I don’t think so

not any more.

He knows I need to

pray like a child

( our little girl who teaches us to ride against odds)

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I see You

I see You

With eyes of Faith,

thru’ streams of tears in desert we have walked together

miles and miles of land and sea, only You could have led me

only You. Who else could have held on, watched this long , re-created

made all things new

only You my God, only You.


pic courtesy Make the World a Better Place

Make the World a Better Place


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When Music Talks


Street Musician RNoel.Oil

Music Talks to me,

like nothing else – here there is little to misunderstand


to misunderstand.

On a musical note.

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The Art of Friendship

THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY ?  LIDIA TOHAR  Studio 101My Life, My Art  : Boca Raton, Florida

We met via FB, and she has ever ceased to amaze me with her talent and everything else that makes a woman a real human being. She worked against odds, and rode every wave, to get to Studio 101.  Art & Humanity drips through her Life,  across the miles, to where I live, surrounded by my own challenges. Every single time I go quiet, Lidia’s there on my wall…. ” Ray, how are you ?”

The day she opened her Studio, and I so wanted to be there too, she asked, ” Why don’t you write me a poem, I’ll paint it into the Show.”   It was something about, ” A Woman wears many hats…”

She couldn’t have known I was going  sitting upside down in a rollercoaster,  but here we were, somehow together in a  display of friendship, I will never forget. If you are anywhere near Florida, people, check out her Studio 101. You will meet a phenomenal Person.

 Good Morning Rayla, just a quick hello to you and the family. Hope everyone is well . Hope your still writing and painting and just being you. 🙂
    • RN   you just went and got better Tohar!
    • Lidia Tohar thx Rayla just like you we just keep getting better don’t we . Thx GD for our Art madness ! Getting ready for my next show tomorrow.
      • RN All the very best fabulous person, you ‘re always writing in and chinning me up. LOVE YOU. Allow me a Pic to promo you on any of my sites, if you wish.And do send in a quote of yours too. I’m TIRED Of all my own words ha ha
      • Thx  Rayla. . I never tire of your words..  love them! You can pull any picture you want from my work .As for my words . I shall say what I always say to people , “That if you dream it then you have it …


Lidia Tohar :

“Colouring my world with thoughts of love , happiness and magic. Color for me is all of that . Magic needs to exist in this world . Life is all about movement and change with that comes light and color . I journey each time I paint to wolds unknown but exciting and mysterious. The stories they tell are full of rich characters , symbols and places that unfold with each stroke I make . I never know where it is going to lead me I just know it will entice my Imagination and stir my passion and the is the thrill of it . In the act of Art I best understand myself. Alchemy for the spirit and soul. Believe in the magic of Art!!!! Life is all about that not just the day in and out but that which takes you and pulls you away to dream  for a while …Feed your spirit don’t die before your time.”

 LIDIA TOHAR  Studio 101My Life, My Art  : Boca Raton, Florida
Getting ready for my exhibition Friday . I am so tired ! Art is exhausting sometimes . The business of it . Have to wear many hats to manage the job of a women artist . Passion it is all about or madness or a bit of both ! Art attack in the afternoon before the rain ……


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I hold you close earth.

Your stories of love and birth,

laughter and verse,

crime and streets

of war and peace,

I hold you so close


my earth,


National Geographic photographer

1,000,000 Pictures


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