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If she could see Him, it would have been just the Remains, but there was nothing there. In the garden, it was chilly. The woman burrowed her fingers in the soil. Where was it all now? She needed something to scream at. Day broke, like the wound inside, just smashed it. If He wasn’t in there, in their man-made carved out tombs, then He was –  where? 


Moments later she sees Him, right in her face, breaking every last conclusion in her head. If there was a body it would’ve meant He was dead. If she could not see Him it had meant – He was alive???! The woman’s story sounded impossible, but it trails to where we try touch it. Pieces of its immortality (the Garden of Resurrection) went through me this morning; what a different story it would’ve been had she found the body, the dead body of Jesus.

A friend asks about when Answers are not visible;


nature romantic blue garden

Photo by Pixabay on


how do humans know what is outside the domain of Humans?

We make choices, we live, we die. We make some rules, we understand some. We are a million emoticons, we destroy.  We can do more than we ask think or imagine, but mostly we are limited by the visible.  We are perpetually intrigued by the Invisible, we make movies and thrillers out of it, call it paranormal, supernatural. We are gravity bound; we know it is no secret what man woman or child can do, but we stop there to stare down that Cliff;


it is no secret what Empty places can do ; or what our thoughts do when we cannot see the necessary Truth.

It is a secret, a precious Truth – what happens when an Invisibility meets us up front ; where Answers wait. Eagles and angels dare where we like fugitives are chased by the Answers we search for. That insane moment when the Breath of Answers tear in the back of your neck like a streak of tigers;

you know it, like you know Love, and Hope and Pain,…. like you know when you are about to heal. No one sees it, but deep inside the mechanics of you shifts gear, changing, whirring, shifting like when an ache leaves.


There is no evidence of the Truth like the presence of lies,

like there are no Answers without Questions,

Darkness itself points to the Light,

Emptiness looks to Filling,

Pain is evidence of Relief,

Hate is the absence of Love,

War the mother of Peace

Empty places > the labour pangs of Fulfilling.


Perhaps there is Logic in the absence of all ‘illogical’ explanations of Faith; disbelief being evidence in itself, of this stubborn pursuit of what peeks back at us thru a ‘ …glass darkly’? I have no answer for my friend who asked a question earlier, except that perhaps Questing is track evidence of / to Visibility’s best kept Secrets.




Check this link for a must see movie, I’d love to sit it out a third time!






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September Spice


orange flower illustration

Today my September Garden surfaced for the first time.  What a surprise to find Ginger blossom orange yellow falling into me like a sweet emotion! Our life harvests these things? How was I to know; did you ? Did you know that we each own acres of fields; Fields of seeds, seedling, sap, sapling, growing in the Light we allow or will not; little Springs rising from Source we cannot see.                                                                 

A Brook runs in to nestle around my toes, Its music is Light. Light notes fall, rise like cascades of rain- the very rain that felt ominous last month, now buds a ripe gold September harvest. I hear the noise, the chatter of workers, arms busy, bare feet running in Mind-fields I never knew existed. I must sit down, inhale this aroma, this healing drizzle on raw earth.  Every incident that took place last month, (some were unwelcome intruders), these are our ‘workers’? Our helpmates. They work press, crushing my Spice to flow, overflowing tipping us over, shaken together, pressed down even if that seemed so.

Dearest Lord God, what are You saying? “Eden never left,” even if I did ? Your Goodness and Mercy follow us all the days of our life. We misunderstood delays, denials, waiting rooms, Pain- it was the Forerunner of  Healing, tugging us back to You. You pursuing us, the best You could. We asked for Peace and received a desert scorched thorn, and this dark thirsting time would home us to Your Oasis the more.  How was I to know ?

sea holiday vacation water

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How was I to understand the way of a Garden deep within, and oh the time this would all take? Wasn’t Life for the essentials – we built homes, had a family, work, address, a name. We were to be visited by some soul mate like an inadequacy, an ‘ugliness’, a time we were shortchanged, a burying dark underground experience choked like a dying seed yelling for air; oh we heard the underpass, everyone else seemed doing fine. ’twas just us here, no explanation,


and when we found our ‘Garden’ eventually, it is GINGER? 


We go to the Gardener. He has a Table spread out all ready; the Menu and hard work of chopping, chipping, all done. Our task is to add essence, the Spice to a Spread waiting for us. Oh and this. Our Ginger root’s possible best form is its spicy ‘AfterTaste’, 


this in our September Garden that has probably taken a few Seasons to grow. I wonder what you’re thinking as you read this? One could recommend a quick or real easy slow Garden trip within,


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This is the easiest ‘yes’ I have said


Yes, fall down, beautiful thing,

beautiful Rain ;  I love You, 

falling down ‘ like a new emotion’ ;

Healing Rain…

Blue Tree. watercolour RN


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Just a wee planet

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So we talked another hour after the movie ‘Cliffhanger’ a needless re-run, but it provoked Maji to ask, “What keeps humans warm when everything out there is cold frost” ( see movie, a perfect ‘signs of the times’ movie ha:) 

To which Noe answered, “The heart.”

Maji, “What keeps the heart going?”

Noe, “Life.”  (Maji rolls eyes and starts to ask ‘ what is life..’ but gives up).

Which got me thinking out loud about how the earth is just a wee planet going on and on in space with nothing to support her and how gravity is limited to us, and how day and night does not matter in calendars outside the sun, but here we are going on and on about human issues, fashions, passions, all temporary pursuits, but out there, I mean get on a space bus, and there’s a whole University out there that has other agenda, and one lil rock from some place has to hit Earth‘s forehead to get us into non – gravity agenda – that is the essence of Life… .. ?

Maji kind of liked that. This morning the sky grinned down at me and asked a few questions, which was my heart thumping new pulse into fingers that I never knew I had. It feels good somehow to know how temporary, how permanent, how transient, how eternal we are ; it feels good to know the heart listens to an order  it bows to,

why do I like that …



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Two Universes


and diamonds turned,

from dust


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Maddens me

.. . that your beauty is regarded as a vice Mother, your holiness desecrated, a million times, with out reason, without rhyme. And just a few of us  cry a little in corners , and that is the only crime, certified. A father or mother who cried. ” …where is the mind without fear ?  That  clear stream of reason has just its way, into the dreary desert sands of dead habit…’
India, can you still read this ? 

Indian Village early morning RN water colour


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My Soul stammers

Thresholds. OIl RNoel


Early hour of morn – Peace,

like a sword – thru’ indifference.


How dumb man is when he is afraid.

My spirit shivers at the cowardice of kings,


and I am such a wisp of a thing, yet ,

each new dawn,

my soul stammers, then sings…


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Music from an Untouchable …

Music from an Untouchable ….

The room fell silent. Then he began to play – as if his soul were talking a new language. Here no one was asking details on paper.No one asked him his age or place of birth, his mother tongue, caste or creed. Why would they.Untouchable

via Music from an Untouchable ….

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My burden is Light

What ? I asked the one with the flowers,

and acres of naked skin,

” How can your burden be Light ?”


To the trees stooped with night, I asked it again, but

they were too busy to reply…


I went to the flowers in the fields, and they said it to me, again,

” My burden is Light, ” ;  they were pregnant with blossom, with drippy leaf and waiting showers,

confused I turned away

Gul Mohar

and met a sky full of the sun, so full, it dawned on me, finally

Silence of the  Sun.  RN ( India, Bangalore)

Yes, Light. Light. A burden, as in a ‘ carrying’, a torch borne, a Vision of Beauty, held.

I still cannot embrace it all.

How could I,

but today I read these Words that spoke back at me,

My Burden is LIGHT…

spilling off rooftops and sky, lanes and silhouettes, smashing shadows

shedding darkness like filthy rags,

oh brilliant burden, be mine, be mine!

Huts on Beach Hill. Oil, Acrylic  RN

Huts on Beach Hill. Oil, Acrylic RN


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Beautiful Bloggers

( This Post utterly inspired by a fun 20 mins ?  with Sakshi Nanda,Sfurti SinhaRekha Vikesh :
thank you for responding to my Post yesterday OH – AM JUST A MOM    on Real Fiction. People like you remind me that there  is only one race : Humanity. That we must never stop being friendly, though we live in an age of Indifference, a time of suspicion and some chaos. Thank you for being downright brilliant-silly with me. I so needed a dose of that kind of decent madness, rare among people that never met before now. God Bless and may your tribe increase !!!)
We shared little words yesterday
and in that moment, we were not just moms,
or even women ;
were just people,
ageless, unlimited ;
with this common thread :
homes, kids, husbands, work, words, life, likes
blogs,cupboards,fertile spaces, or infertile,
raves and rants, moms and 
places, profile pic.faces,
traces of lives we lived, and
live, and will ;
I saw your Will, to not just survive,
but do well,
to not just get by, but
excel –
and I need to thank you for the reminder
that when humans get together,
can laugh at self and each other
somethings beautiful
begin to make all things well…
so much happens when the human spirit within,
rears Its Head to
yell shout whisper
hey everything just shut up- downright proper – and just
get well :))
( I love your blogs – may they like you, live forever… 🙂 KUDOS!


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