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Weapons of Mass Construction 

In the end there will be just one big wound

we without borders, caught/ trapped in the spirit of war, blind to the fact we are fighting only humanity- we are killing brother and sister. What stops us from praying for peace, for all? 

This is not a selfishly motivated post

if I can pray for my sons eyes to heal, and many strangers have stopped to pray/ help him, me, then what stops us from intercontinental ‘asking ‘ that leaders of any kind of status, will see through schemes to divide us all –

Oh that they would receive mutual constructive peace motivated practical advise/ spirit of diplomatic wisdom for all.

I know this is more complicated than sweet words,

we all know this is deeper than the sea. But something bigger than all our weakness brings in the rain or keeps our heart ticking. What is it?

Yes War is a fact of life…. A fact we created. There is terror and violence. I know. But there is the invisible fact of peace. Love.
You and I have dear friends all over the map,

I believe in the power of prayer – unconditional love, unconditional divine intervention. The least ( and highest) we can do is in the privacy of our innermost, send out weapons of mass construction{Prayers for peaceFor all}
it’s stronger than the cleverest strategy. Pray for our leaders, all of them. For All people.




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‘Destitute Dignity’

gWhen the whole Saint-ing story of Mama St.Theresa took front page, this news image of hers ( not my random sketches, but do scroll down to the news clip), caught my attention and never left….not  just the play of light and shadow, but the stillness. A certain tiredness, a beautiful fatigue captured here that keeps drawing me to this one.

The past few months I’ve been watching faces like never before. Haughty, satisfied,mean, cold, proud,self righteous,happy,vain,warm….

But I’m captivated by the tired ones, not the giving up tired, but Stubborn Tired.

Dogged tired.

Not bored fed up tired, but tough tired. Obstinate, in your face, it’s a Craft. A method. Never give up, watch me Tired.

Is why I love this photograph of Mother Theresa, and the photographer who didn’t ask her to pose, to try make something pretty, unruffle your nose Mother, look up, smile Ma….


This. Pic makes me reach in and want her Prayer Swag. That’s the two words I’ve been searching for. Ohkay Thinking Swag, if you don’t believe in prayer, Sitting in Jaw Swag, Chin in thought Shadows in Light, blue white on grainy paper…. It’s still a Study in Studies.

Thank you whoever took the Stilling capture ( Pl see past my uncombed sketches).




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If I had this one thing

How beautiful the Feet of those who spread good news – on the mountains of division, discouragement, despair*;

see, though I speak with the voice of an angel and have not love, I am a clanging cymbal a noise in the wilderness, a desert in a stream ;

if I give my body to be burned and sell all my wares for charity but have no love in all my ‘speaking’, I am no reminder of One who  is patient, kind, endures, does not keep account of wrong, is forgiving, does not gossip, nor tears out anothers’  existence for personal agenda…

if I ran every mountain, won every war for the good of humanity but within I have words of hate, what am I what am I –

but if we had this one thing,  I think of all we could accomplish against all odds, among these places of derision, hate, division ; we might say to this and that mountain, Go fall in the sea and it would obey, if I had the Power of true love,

true love.


(* from Mathew Henry’s concordance, Song of Songs ); this Post inspired by verse in the Bible.


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‘Yes, but don’t go.’

Last night, all plates and dishes put away, the lights low in the bedroom where our youngest son went into his blanket ; the girls were yet to fall asleep, I peeped in at Joh, and he lifted that dark head calling me for a second kiss, then a whisper –

“Ma,I feel lonely.”

My heart missed a few beats ; it had been a long two months, there had been illness, a trip, school year starting over, uniforms that did not fit, unfinished assignments, a lingering cough and so many unfinished things…

“Why son ? We’re all here aren’t we ?”

“When you ‘re all busy with other things, I feel lonely,sometimes. “

Speechless, I hugged him close, closer, a third a fourth kiss.“You feel good now ?” 

“Yes, but don’t go.” He said nothing after that just smiled and the room filled with feelings I have no words for.

Human touch. How abused, misunderstood those two words are : and so very easy to ignore in all our busy-ness. We sat there an hour, not just Joh and me, but all five of us, an hour in that quiet gentle dark as the little ones fell asleep.

Dearest Lord God, the worst disease on earth : ‘loneliness’ and such a simple cure right from the mouth of Babes.


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Held by a Whisper


….  like He had only one of me to love !

some things remind me of that feeling

even here – looking at a lake with one

just one lotus bud on tender stalk

in such deep water, as if held by nothing

nothing at all….

except a knowledge of a holding



( In passing a Lake with just one lotus bud)…

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Earth Song

Colour me green, please, let the Light feed us, graze

our need, our greed ; with storms

of Peace, 


please ?


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Shhh .. listen to those Feet


..on these mountains, like the rhythm of hoof

shedding miles, with good news

of Peace – how beautiful those feet, shedding light


like blood on pale faces,places;

like the trample of fresh new wine

cellars in the valley new with grain song unheard

like dawn fire among stars that pale

against Your sky, oh God, my God –

how beautiful the feet of those who bring… good news

on these mountains of division, despair, destruction, 

shredding miles of lost terrain,

with good news…

oh how beautiful these feet…


( re-written, suggestions  Abhra Pal thank you )


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Two Universes


and diamonds turned,

from dust


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Maddens me

.. . that your beauty is regarded as a vice Mother, your holiness desecrated, a million times, with out reason, without rhyme. And just a few of us  cry a little in corners , and that is the only crime, certified. A father or mother who cried. ” …where is the mind without fear ?  That  clear stream of reason has just its way, into the dreary desert sands of dead habit…’
India, can you still read this ? 

Indian Village early morning RN water colour


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ART : Journal of our Times.

36″x24″ acrylic on canvas


5 of a collection @Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore. For details do contact here. RN


2. SEA URCHIN RaylaNoel 36″x24″ Acrylic, Oil on canvas

Colours of Hope

3. HOPE WHISPERS. RaylaNoel 36″x24″ Acrylic Oil on Canvas

Noel & Rayla’s paintings best described as Conceptual Art – first displayed at Cymroza Art Gallery Mumbai, 2000 …

Art has no borders, these are Finger prints of an era coloured by a Life that has never been as vivid!  

Quote by a contemporary ArtDirector/ Curator Kalanirvana centre(Ashis.pahi ) ,  Noel’s painting of the horses (Edge of Light) is time, past, present, future, racing itself, continuous present. Today will soon be yesterday…”  1. EDGE OF LIGHT – new grass among the dust, one hears hoof and neigh, even a Stillness. A viewer’s comment,  ‘ In certain angles, these horses recede, closer, they turn around.. how is that ?’ 

Mysteries surface in an artwork – they are known to speak about the artist’s life, reflective of inner/ outer life. Colour choices and style generate from individual tastes, mentored or not.Noel works after office hours, loves painting in pre-dusk, early morning light, or even the dark, candle lit.  Is provoked by Beauty in Nature, or injustice.

2. SEA URCHIN frames a childhood bythe sea, staring at Today. (Sea Urchin is a weed, when dried, is a ball of spiked grass. Here it is the face of a girl -woman, crossing Roads. Half afraid, still innocent). Top extreme right, a lighthouse. Another edge of Light ? The greys are pre-dominant, among feminine features, little steps leading one’s own imagery into its gaze. Original pinewood frame, a Piece to cherish.

3.HOPE WHISPERS describes itself, quiet, loud, persistent. A prayer, unspoken.The lines are aggressive, near audible, to this Viewer. I would choose a different frame if I took it home. Perhaps an ornate wine edged with gold.  

 4.WAITING has been aptly captured by camera on a chair ! (  Frank.minn Photography It is Woman, transient, made- over , her Stance as on a Stage. She waits, is watched. Faceless, defiant. Rough and tender, like Its lines, gaudy – feet-less women. One thinks of deer, prey and .. hard to say. This Painting was originally called Rehearsals. RNoel says she finds it very hard to label her work. Like her poems. She paints because it is easier than writing….( her words ) She inspired by challenges, ( read – maddens-me)


4. WAITING . Artist RaylaNoel. 36″x24″ Acrylic, Oil on canvas

5.  ‘RIVER TERN’ (below) :

Sunrise –  sun set ? The boat leaves – arrives, the River Tern( bird) is a relief against the tones of shadow and crimson rinse. Do artists plan their work ? Do emotions bleed, are these mere commercial ventures, are these paintings from within,were they inspired ?

Paintings have been known to provoke  calm or disturb,anger or inspire. There is more Art today, than ever before, in India, or globally.Why people paint, buy or sell, spend hours over a piece of canvas will be a mystery till one falls in love with something only they can see, in a capture. It is a craft, not just to create a painting, but to be able to see something of oneself in it. Or one’s Life. Perhaps it is a Journal of the Times we live in ? A legacy we leave behind…

Noel &Rayla live in Bangalore, with three children, a dog and a heart full of dreams to open their own creative centre for ‘ people with abilities’.

Everyday You write a new Line                                                                                                      of Love,                                                                                                                                          into these spaces called my life –                                                                                                      I am amazed                                                                                                                                        by Grace.. 

This Post by a friend of Innerdialects. Gratitude.


5. RIVER TERN Artist NOELJEFF 36″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas.582717_321241854638068_911756473_n
2013-06-08 12.41.05523260_321280794634174_2135982064_n


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