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Anyway one day, you and I will die


Why not die for a good thing,

I’m dying for Peace.



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Weapons of Mass Construction 

In the end there will be just one big wound

we without borders, caught/ trapped in the spirit of war, blind to the fact we are fighting only humanity- we are killing brother and sister. What stops us from praying for peace, for all? 

This is not a selfishly motivated post

if I can pray for my sons eyes to heal, and many strangers have stopped to pray/ help him, me, then what stops us from intercontinental ‘asking ‘ that leaders of any kind of status, will see through schemes to divide us all –

Oh that they would receive mutual constructive peace motivated practical advise/ spirit of diplomatic wisdom for all.

I know this is more complicated than sweet words,

we all know this is deeper than the sea. But something bigger than all our weakness brings in the rain or keeps our heart ticking. What is it?

Yes War is a fact of life…. A fact we created. There is terror and violence. I know. But there is the invisible fact of peace. Love.
You and I have dear friends all over the map,

I believe in the power of prayer – unconditional love, unconditional divine intervention. The least ( and highest) we can do is in the privacy of our innermost, send out weapons of mass construction{Prayers for peaceFor all}
it’s stronger than the cleverest strategy. Pray for our leaders, all of them. For All people.



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Wishing you the Best/ 2014


Wishing you a blessed beautiful Christmas and a peaceful fabulous New Year.

The attached Link is something  I did for a Christmas Play 2010, with Sunday Sch kids and me :  cover from The Bible Movie), followed by our daughter Vihan’s cover What child is This. What a season its been and is ; we wish to personally thank you for being here. May you be blessed…



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Too many good things confuse me

Gul Mohar

My neighbourhood GulMohar (Flame of the forest) just this one tree broke into bloom )

Early morning walks are somethings I must never stop,

PiCourtesy RayCatcher 68-001

PiCourtesy RayCatcher

especially in May when the flowers are out and wearing Rain, like hi-fashion ear drops. People look great, smiling. I talk to strangers, they talk back. What’s this ? It is beautiful, a Peace returning. Storms wear pretty coats, gray silver lining and gentle breathing songs. Koyal. Milkmen on cycles, newspaper boys fabulous eyes fringed with lash.

I must always go on these walks. I forgave Ms Lily K for the yelling I got flunking a Maths test and how I wept all over my blue pinafore that noon after school, pigtail come loose with shock and horror….

I finally forgave her ; she looked great with the morning  light now bright in her little curls. Weird that we remember her curls now, so many dawns down the calendar since that day.

Walks should not be too long. I might bring down all my defenses, all barbed wire and put up friendly posts everywhere… uh. Just a lil walk ‘ll do. Too much heaven complicates this earthling…


Water is still cool

full bath is out of question

just dipping my feet.


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Finding my keys

Ukrainian Musical Instrument

Ukrainian Musical Instrument (Photo credit: Canadian Pacific)








Taya plays too many musical instruments for one human, that young, but when you get close and read between the lines you see he has been to at least 7 countries and met so many people. Which really does not explain all his musical instruments, still, it explains a few things :


the way Taya listens. With curiosity and humility, I have not seen that before.


With tolerance and anticipation.


With appetite for more, as if you had something to offer he needed. We talked about flowers and illusions, cats, dogs, voting, national highways and tourist destinations. He loves Tibet, forests and the Maldive islands where he wrote his new batch of songs, he says.


“Creation is a great big musical instrument, like an organ : we need to find its keys…”




Did he just make that up…










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India : Coffee,Usha Kishore,Vedas,and my suburban-sitar

FOCUS – Poetising IndianHeritage

Poetising Indian Heritage, my contribution,thank you so much Usha Kishore, guest Editor, Muse India, E-Journal, celebrating in this issue,Indian life, from Myths and Heritage, to coffee,temples, music, dance … For more read :

Extract :

Rayla Noel

Silences: Rayla Noel

Silences (from Naked Prayers)

Because more often than not,
I begin not to speak, and start to feel
the pulse of an earth dying to be heard,
the voice of my homes
homes i forgot i had
brothers and sisters i left, in my pursuit of
‘ peace’..
forgive me…my silence
teach me how to speak

Sitar Player

My father and I sat in the winter sun
yesterday; his eyes warm with Life
and I wondered that he could be like that
after so much illness, but Joy is a terrific

and I know Peace is a Sword, piercing thru’
striking Chords we chide, hide within our hushed
celebrations of Life.. Do you hear it seep-warm
stirring waiting – ah Joy is a terrific contagion
rearing Fires ‘ ...where the Head is held high and the mind

* where the mind is without fear … Rabindranath Tagore..


Focus – Poetising Indian Heritage
Usha KishorePoetry
Ambereen Visharam
Ami Kaye
Arundhati Subramanian
Ashoka Sen
Bashabi Fraser
Brian D’Arcy
Debjani Chatterjee
Karthika Naïr
Kavita Jindal
Mani Rao
Rayla Noel
Richa Joshi Pandey
Rizio Yohannan Raj
Shanta Acharya
Soumyen Maitra
Sudeep Sen
Tabish Khair
Usha Kishore
Vivekanand Jha
Winston Plowes Translations
Debjani Chatterjee: Of Sanjay Bhattacharya (Bengali)
Priya Sarukkai-Chabria: Of Aandaal (Tamil)
Shankar Rajaraman and Venetia Kotamraju: Of Gangadevi (Sanskrit)
Santhosh Alex: Of Rishabha Deo Sharma and Badrinarayan (Hindi)
Santosh Alex: Of Savithri Rajeevan & Abhirami (Malayalam)
Sarita Varma: Of Manuj Brahmapaad (Malayalam)
Usha Kishore: Of Kalidasa (Sanskrit)Essays
Kameshwari Ayyagari: ‘Sarojini Naidu – Poetising Indian Heritage’
Priya Sarukkai Chabria: ‘My Many Ramayanas’
Sutapa Chaudhuri: ‘Radha Poems of Sarojini Naidu’

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Street Jazz


Red toe nailed feet and jeans, in my streets,

pretty-eye-faced they burn these walks,

we are such a Wood of Bolly-Sweets,

ooooh-ayyyyy ! *


Indian song never got me this close,

to peace and war, pieces of a Republic-

I adore.

The dance troupe last night, flashed curve and spin, items-

not meant for sin;  dear hearts- brave and true, know this-

you and I, citizens of acres of feet,

red with rhythms of a feast –

birthed thru’ flood and gore,

songs of what we are,

when there is thrum and,

nothing left to sit, no more,except strut the brazen stare of Peace,

Love, and bare Hope, hai- la. Oye- oh, haaaaa!

This Republic I adore….

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: UrvishJ)

Performance by Odissi dance troupe Rudrakshya ...

Performance by Odissi dance troupe Rudrakshya (with live musical accompaniment) at Interlake High School, Bellevue, Washington; performance in the Ragamala series (Greater Seattle). Information about the individual performers can be found on the Ragamala site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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