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‘Mountains should be scared of you’


“….what d’you mean?” I mutter but we are in an Inner Garden where creatures talk.



Tim Price
Off Center & Not Even @ T&L Photos


I don’t even like these creatures. Our home lives next to a bunch of trees and more than once we’ve had to chase war gangs of bees with smoke, repellent, yells….looking at Stings here wasn’t helping.


“This is a friendly wasp and she isn’t batting an eye at us…” The Gardener’s eyes crinkle with amusement.


What’s the point? 


This is a dream metaphor I do not want right now. Want to feel strong. Don’t wish to be reminded of mountains, real or otherwise.                                        “Mountains should be scared of you,” He repeats.


Friend Wasp nods. “You human, are more complex than every galaxy put together. If you only knew….”


I need her to shut up but Words open me up, petal by petal. I’ve done Time muttering at ‘Mountains’, rummaging my yard for Mustard seeds of Faith. Here, in this Garden, Little Wings shouts Nectar: 

we are Honeycombs within,


we could scare mountains…




Thank you Tim Price http://www.offcenternoteven.com for your Image and Info on Friendly Wasp. 













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