The Embrace of Healing.

This Post inspired by some extraordinary people

Kintsukuroi – (keen-tsoo-koo-roy) the 500 year old Japanese art of repairing smashed pottery. You’ve broken something? Fix it with gold. What a Gift in positive metaphor:

the story is told of a tea bowl that was a particular favourite of 15th century military ruler, Ashikaga Yoshimasa. One day a servant accidentally dropped the bowl. In the breathless pause (Ashikaga was known for a lethal temper), one of his guests reeled off a poem restoring Yoshimasa’s spirits, ” ..instead of its diminished appeal, the bowl is now the more beautiful for being broken. Its value was in its story. Its true life began, the moment it was dropped..” 

Ashikaga’s tea bowl was repaired with lacquer and gold, giving us Kintsukuroi – a philosophy that changes the way we treat broken things, of not hiding but beautifying breakage –  there is more to this than there was before. It is the attitude that welcomes the embrace of healing. Kintsukuroi roughly translates as ‘joining with gold’.


Writing this reminds me of some awesome people who have survived hell just to show us a piece of heaven in their fight against addictions, pain, grief, loss. Going through the valley of the shadow of doubt, they speak, live, exude sacred beauty.  They’ve earned crutch, sling & brace of pain but every wound is seamed together with gold that sets them apart. If you’re one of them,

or if the night seems too long to endure, I want to share a line that caught my attention once in a room full of people, young, old teens, scars and grins. One of them shared these words that pulled her through the darkest –    Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

She was/ is not a cancer survivor, she had a few months left to live. Where did that kind of strength come from? Is this about positive thinking? Does healing mean survival? This girl was terminal, and her face was alive with Light. I’m thinking how strong is this thing we call the human spirit – its faith that can move mountains of despair, reaching to a higher power.

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I believe in the fact of miracles, as you might too.

And there are the best of us who have succumbed to disease but their eyes were looking at somethings in the room we could not see. When my Mother passed on, an unusual ray of light through a particular little window spread all over her, I never forget the way Ma looked that morning 11 am, her thin arms lit up in a way that almost scared me with its beauty. That was a different kind of healing, Not anything we prayed for,

I believe in the power of prayer and how it can change things for us, or change us for things. The greatest achievements are not that we are made as good as new : the most powered moments I have witnessed are how we hold together against odds.

You are loved by the power that brought you to this moment in time, a Reminder even that you are the gold in someone else’s healing…


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6 responses to “The Embrace of Healing.

  1. I love this. Thanks for thinking of me. ❤️

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  2. Just looked up the meaning of ‘healing’. The dictionary says ‘The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again’. I guess in emotional terms it would be the process of acceptance of a new reality knowing fully well that there will be no return to ‘what was’. I liked this particular line ‘ You are loved by the power that brought you to this moment in time, a Reminder even that you are the gold in someone else’s healing…’ That would be nice wouldn’t it given that in a most if not all circumstances, healing cannot be for the self alone. So much better than scars – don’t you think. I know I would prefer to be the gold in someone else’s healing even if one does not heal oneself.

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  3. ” I know I would prefer to be the gold in someone else’s healing even if one does not heal oneself…” those lines are beautiful and sad. Maybe you don’t realise how blessedly healed you are. Maybe there’s been healing in ways you never guessed, for what ‘s coming out of you is rare. Thank you for ever comment you take the time to say, and read here. Truly appreciate.


Thank you for being here; will get back on this soon

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