I said a prayer for you, July

That you and I would find Wings, that we would fly beyond the limitations of dreams and desire. That we could finally shut our eye wide, to human frailty, and breathe, as it were not ours to play gods, nor revert to being babes of wrath,


Vi’s pastel angel

Oh July, I prayed a prayer that you and I would leave our skin behind and fly out of cocoons we’ve refused to leave; that we would let the process hurt if it must, that we would not be suspicious of skies no matter how high it appears to the little iris in our eye

July, stretch me our Wing, this Thing on my ‘blades I’ve thought was shadows in my shoulder; fly me out 31 days every minute, flung wide with grace, reckless grace in the sapphire of heaven around us, that we might see with shut-less eyes, our Wings



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6 responses to “I said a prayer for you, July

  1. Oh R… What more can be more beautiful than this holy ‘Dua’. Indeed may our irises find routes beyond all that which see with them open. And may upon our wings we carry each other’s winds, at times of need.

    Hope you are carrying laughters in your breaths. You, you beautiful soul! xx

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    • ‘Laughter in my breath’! How beautiful that sounds, oh yes, I am. thank you for being here and yes,”And may upon our wings we carry each other’s winds, at times of need…” you beautiful soul yrself, have a precious month

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  2. This is the kind of prayer I would liked to have been mine for others. Thanks for sharing your generous prayer. Be blessed

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  3. Hi Inner Dialects. Thank you for calling by and liking”Taylor!” Best Wishes.#TheFoureyedPoet.

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