The way he loves


He sent me flowers, songs, words and tune, silences and chord ; but not till he forgave me and loved me again as if I were the best one e’er born yet, not till then did I understand the height, the depth the width and endless expanse of Love that leaves no boundary

of a Love that covers every little wrong, as if nothing happened at all. I will not take that for granted ever again, nor forget, that’s the way He loves,

He loves…





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3 responses to “The way he loves

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  2. Oh yes! His love..He is Love x) Will forever be stunned by it’s grace


  3. I read this and then for some reason it made me come back after I had moved on to read another piece. There is something in this ( and I don’t know what) that causes introspection and thought – could it be ‘ not take that for granted ‘.Still in thought 🙂


Thank you for being here; will get back on this soon

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