Thank God I’m not a mollusc or something…

WHAT I READ LATELY ON U TUBE – … Sy123 1 week ago   ” Thank god i’m not a mollusc or something. I wouldve missed out on knowing these beautiful things…  ” 

English: Notocypraea piperita Gray, 1825, a mo...






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7 responses to “Thank God I’m not a mollusc or something…

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous…I love the way creation’s expressed in this. Amazing, this Universe. ♥


  2. InnerDialect

    Yes what a universe…. stunning with every new moment of awareness…


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is fantastic, totally totally fantastic.

    My God, so many times I’ve felt empty and lone – in fact, this very afternoon. I’d had a nap in the afternoon and woke 4pm and just HAD to walk down the street to the park, stroll under the late sun, I HAD to feel some atmosphere/other life as I was feeling very very lone. This is so wonderful. Thank you, this post.


    • InnerDialect

      I keep re- re reading this comment of yours. how much we need other people, and a place to connect with… ” I HAD to feel some atmosphere/ other life…”


      • WordsFallFromMyEyes

        Thank you for replying. You caused me to reflect more. I really appreciate that, pointing that out. Thank you InnerDialect. It remains true.


  4. Kramer

    To know that all of us are connected is amazing! And then are those ‘meant to be connections’ which happen when paths cross , run parallel, merge or diverge during our journey of life. In such a vast universe what are the chances? Are they pre ordained or just random. I would like to think it is the former. I often wonder at both the absolute beauty of being connected and of the pain of parting.


  5. InnerDialect

    Its a circle of Life, as they say… 🙂


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