Cosmetics for the Soul

What do I use for creases deep within –

mid lid trauma of the mind’s eye

I shop for Glitter and lay it on thick,

layer on layer, where the spirit and soul mesh

where the heart lingers

where the soul of me, loses her ashen face, for Hidden Treasure:

cosmetics that never

lose shine,

shoes that cannot wear out

and garments of deep beauty, body,soul, spirit, mind –

oh my soul,

what a find

what a find.



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7 responses to “Cosmetics for the Soul

  1. innersongs

    I saw the title of this and chuffed. Scoffed?
    What a wonderful metaphor you proposed.
    “Mid lid trauma of the mind’s eye.” Hold me down!


  2. innersongs

    an yet… is this not the ultimate vanity?
    Could someone even see it?
    Do we need to worry about how our inner self shines?
    And yet it is such great worry to others – pretenses and postures.
    Is my ‘Dot’ too large? too small? centered? too obvious?
    Artifice thou art my ‘foundation’.


  3. InnerDialect

    Heya, ok you’ve provoked an immediate response, and me in a cybe cafe outside home between Dosa wallah and the noise of a Monday ! 🙂 Thank you for amzing comments there Scott. The ultimate soul vanity, yes, no ? As we say in Indian 🙂

    have to get back in a mo.


  4. InnerDialect

    I guess, we need to feel good, deep inside ? Its, maybe, not ever anything any would see, except us ? It’s that inner light that stills us, warms each other, without any fanfare…without the external trappings ….

    unsure that am getting across….

    do you have to ask such a maddening question uh Innersong – heyyyy got it! Its what makes you sing. internal beauty. Or U have no song. Zilch. Nada . Nothing. Just the nice blue eyes, or killer looks or glam doll- whatevers… nt that the earth doesn’t need her glamour… its the inner depths that make you a poet, a global singer/writer/ aerist/ … people identify with you, they know where you’v had your trauma, know that you’re better… all that. in the secret place. YES Its a kind of vanity I s’pose to know, for ourselves, that we got thru’ a ‘ bad inner vision day ‘… :))


  5. Pamper the beauty inside for that’s what remains throughout life and thereafter !!
    Well expressed facts about true beauty 🙂


  6. InnerDialect

    Reblogged this on LYRIX & LIFE.


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