2012 Year of Harvest


Yeah I declare a Year of Harvest

yeah Breaking

into Day, staring back at atrocity

I dare!

‘Enough, ‘ yells  my heart and spirit mind,


I leave behind:

those Fields of Stolen Time

and decay.

Ageing Babies,

torn out



I scream, standing with breaking feet

on Promises You wrote ‘neath

Our Name :

may our barns overflow,

our arms ache with the joy-ache of giving away!

May our spouse and off-spring

English: Tree bark with embedded in .

Oh may our cattle and earth sing:

‘this is the day of the harvest we  dreamt of,’

as we sank by the rivers of Babylon,

where we prayed, e’en believed

there was no God : Ah sweet spirit

inside, may Goodness and Mercy,

trespass into our stolen Fields of Time;

Alias Stencil-Artworks, Noel and others

restore the Smiles we traded

for nothing.

Ah Sweet-sighing Pilgrim we  thought no one ever heard

those prayers we  closeted with yesterdays’

barbed-wire Yards;

A group of Japanese captured during the Battle...

yesterdays' songs in barbed wire yards

a New Year began, now nothings the same,

"Same Same but Different"

Nothing’s ever the Same,

There is a Season for everything under the sun,

a Time to die and Live again

and again and again.

Those Words  sown yesterday, today

have broken

Ground : why did we doubt

why did we doubt

sweet spirit mine.

Say ?

Yeah, am

no longer shiver-liver coward,

Lord this Field is Breaking


into   2012nd Day.

( From Too Late to Look Back Too much : innerdialect/ impressions  Psalms : Joy in the Morning, tho’ last night was deep just don’t forget to weed!)


Sweet Honey in the Rock live at Ravinia

Sweet Honey in the Rock


Deutsch: Moosbeeren-Ernte in New Jersey. Engli...



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2 responses to “2012 Year of Harvest

  1. Beautiful poetry and photos. 😉


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