I really started painting in color after our blind son came home

impressions RN watercolour

Impressions of Light, RN.water colour
English: Pearls Polski: Otwarta muszla perłopł...

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He is that Pearl in my ocean and I never dreamt this day would be here, saying it out like this. It took a while, like precious things do, to realize this : the thing I shuddered at, brought home a wealth nothing could have made us ready  for.

I could not have known how differently each of us laughed ( listen next time ; we each have our signature decibel, some of us hiccup, some hold mega- crescendos…) when we laugh our 11-year-old laughs, sometimes not understanding why. This I can understand.  But that he smiles when we smile ? That stuns me . Does the air between us  shift current ?  Are magnetic fields made over ? Would you know .. see am asking.

We began to touch the warmth of sunlight, the cool of rain drops, fragrances of the earth : the good the yucky 🙂

Kitchens took on new meaning : windows are more open than shut, even the sting of little ants a sensation to wonder at.

So much happened since Johann, it would take years, a life time to figure.  Just one line stands out : there is so much I do not know about everything. So much to feel, touch, inhale.

Smells of coriander and mint leaf, neem and rose-bush, coconut palm and mango leaf.. textures, spines, they are woven so intricately maddeningly unique.

This was taken using a mobile in chennai by me...

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Sands of different places, fabric! Older clothes, and their gentler skins. New leather and paper, wood. soap wraps.

This year, am sitting back to stare at the Unseen world. Worlds ? The things around each of us. Do our thoughts wrap themselves around our head like neon turbans  for the rest of us to see ?

Do I really know the sound of my feet, the way my hands move, my heart ?

Do you know?

Personality Prints. Dear sweet heavens, how would I look, seen with the unseen eye ? Would my fears, secrets, desires all stand tall, crowd each other out ? Would they shuffle or walk tall ?
Would I be proud of me, or hide us under the carpet ?

jeanna 9

Thank you Lord for this little Pearl in my raving ocean : A child that teaches me to stare with eyes shut wide enough to see what I hide.

Confession : It is tiring, I know. But Johann has stirred me to wondering if  I have a Pearl stashed inside me someplace, and I don’t know ? Or if  my spirit was a particular color ? Okay, just asking, but honestly, wouldn’t you want to know ?



Coconut Palm at Big Island of Hawaii

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Colour Blind (2009 film)

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16 responses to “I really started painting in color after our blind son came home

  1. Hey R! This is wildly beautiful, keep wanting to re-read, and ask more Qs., would that be insensitive ? OMGoodness big appreciation here for thoughts shared, am goingta tape my eyes and listen touch to a universe have somehow ignored too long. Maybe will hep my work too. Thanks and I cannot say how much !


    • InnerDialect

      Ask away ; go ahead touch the universe, there’s enuff material there to keep us going I guess 🙂
      thank you so much ryt back


  2. Watching this space with eyes shut wide but staring and so focused on this topic…
    this is as real as it gets. Have a mate thats blind and also in wheel chair. Have never listened much to his life and now am going home to listen up. Thank you. Looking forward to more on this, please ?


    • InnerDialect

      Shall ‘Rave, soons the good moment arrives, takes a bit of dare to say it like it is …
      Listen up… Like that. I could do more too …


  3. May your pearl – your little one I presume, be always richly blessed. Just being your pearl I’m sure finds you both deeply blessed.


  4. InnerDialect

    Thank you Kramer .. so many unfound oysters and pearls and heaven knows what else in the ocean…
    Happy New year, and God bless


  5. If your little Pearl made you write down the bones, it shows – beautiful, stark writing that hurts the reader somehow – a rarity. God bless you and Yohann


    • InnerDialect

      Shining Pen hope you weren’t taken aback too much : not intended / Johann sends you much love too and would likely love your name ” Shining Pen ” He does see Light, and colour more recently, plays with shiny objects…
      well, is full of surprises and laughter .. send you some of his

      Have a great yr ahead, tx so much


  6. alpana

    hey – this is wonderful- u make my hair stand on end- johann is your portal 2 ur inner space- precious child and wonder man. – but its also something rare in u -like a precious mettle- that he merely unearths


  7. I have no idea what response to make here, need to say this is phenominal and we humans better understand our situation, our gifts .. challenges must never be anything but watched for blessing. Oh man this is such a treat to read. Am printing out if you dont mind. Do write more, this is essential


  8. http://getawayzzz.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/wowww-this-is-indeed-an-honor/

    awsm post….. thought of nominating you for the versatile blogger award!!!


  9. Stunning collection of art and photos… I love your writing too! 😉


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